Member Information and Site Helps

Troop 201 Member Information:

Each member has their own individual account.  
When your account is activated, you will receive a system generated email with your username and password.  After you login, you may change your password. You cannot change your username.  Note: Please do not share accounts between family members or friends.

Don't remember your username?
If you are already in our system, you can send a message to the Site Administrator asking for a login notification. A login notification is a system generated email containing your username and password.

Need to reset your password? Here are 2 ways:
1 - Using the Request New Password function, use your username to reset your password not email address. Many families use the same email address between members and the system won't be able to identify your specific account if this is the case. The reset emails are automated so make sure your email service is set to receive them.

2 - You can also send a message to the Site Administrator to requesting a new login notification. A login notification is a system generated email containing your username and password.

Want to change your personal information? 
All information in your roster profile is handled by our Troopmaster database, then uploaded into this site.  Please send any changes to the Advancement Chair.

Are you a new member? 
Your personal information must be submitted into our Troopmaster database and then uploaded into this website. It can be a lengthy process, especially if there is a large number of new members. Please be patient and you will receive a system generated email with your login information (username and password).

After Login, You Can:

Change your password to something personal.  
Click "Change Password" in your user menu. You don't need to use the system generated one. (This option only works after you've logged in.  If you can't login, see above for resetting your password.)

View upcoming troop events.  
Click on the “Calendar” menu option. Click on the event to see when and where to meet, what to pack, etc.

Set up your personal Outlook, Google, Yahoo, Windows, Apple, or iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch calendar to automatically be updated with the Troop calendar.  
Click on “Calendar Sync” menu option and never miss an upcoming event – they will be put on your calendar automatically!

Write a comment. 
You can write comments like in a forum on event and site pages. Look at the bottom of each page to write a comment. Please remember all members can see your comments. All comments will be screened regularly for language and anything illegal.

Register for an event.  
On the homepage on the right is an Event Registration block. All events that are open for registration will appear as well as the deadline date (if there is one) and the number of people attending. Click on the event you want to participate to begin the process.

View troop advancement procedures, BSA requirements, and program updates.  
Click on "Advancement".

See troop merit badge procedures and BSA merit badge information.  
Click "Merit Badges".

Look up phone numbers or emails to contact another Scout or adult.  
Click on the “Troop Roster” menu option.

Send an email to the troop, your patrol, or another group. Send Troop 201 Email
Using an email client (Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, etc): Click on an email address, it will open a new message and will automatically populate the TO field.  You can then fill in the text of the message and click Send.

Using web-based email: Create a new email message then copy and paste the addresses in the TO field of that message. You can then fill in the text of the message and click Send.

View Troop documents, like packing lists.
Click on "Files" to view documents available.

Access other websites and Scouting content. 
Click on "Links" to view Scouting related web content and training opportunities.

Share and view photos from past Troop 201 events.  
Click on “Photo Albums”.


Questions?  Suggestions?  Please send a note by clicking on the "Contact Us" link on the left sidebar.